Why The Big Baraza?

The BARAZA is a Swahili word meaning to convene or to bring together a conference of great social importance aligned to the governance and well being of the society or the village, there are Small and Big Barazas. 


The Genius of the Baraza allows continuity and transfer of ancient traditions and wisdom as well as the development of new and innovative ideas.

The Baraza is also a great tool through which the village formula of guiding those seeking to learn is put to practice.

The Big Baraza will amplify further the voice of SMEs to enhance engagement with public and private sector actors across Africa. The event will provide a platform to educate and inspire SMEs through informative conversations about financing, trade, policy and scale. More specifically the event seeks to:

  • Convene SMEs and SME enablers in one collaborative, virtual space

  • Showcase the influence of good leadership in economic development

  • Create more awareness of the Kenya African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) team, its mandate and opportunities it is championing

  • Understand current private sector contributions and upcoming opportunities for contributions to ensure inclusion of SMEs in the AfCFTA implementation

  • Share key data sets from information received from SMEs in the last year

We are inviting all SMEs and all SME enablers to experience the Village Formula - our tried and tested successful intervention for SMEs across Africa. We want to share our experiences and learn from yours. We will celebrate wins, address challenges and embrace opportunities.

The Big Baraza will provide an opportunity to co-curate conversations and interventions collaboratively amongst SMEs, government agencies, private sector alliances, funding organizations and trade agencies.

The Big Baraza is an SME Conference by SME’s for SME’s


SNDBX launched in February 2020 and in the same year we all faced, and now continue to deal with, a global pandemic that has truly tested our resilience. Yet in the midst of this tough economic period, SNDBX thrived and celebrated its 1st anniversary in February 2021! 

We stand on the shoulders of several public and private sector players who have worked endlessly to facilitate favourable conditions for businesses to thrive in Kenya. At SNDBX we have joined this community of enablers to do our part to ensure that SMEs, the bedrock of our economy, continue to thrive. 

We learnt many things in 2020 and proved that the SNDBX Village Formula works. We successfully brought over 25 different professions into The Village and offered collaborative support and solutions to our growing pools of SMEs. Because of our formula, last year, 77% of our experts reported an increase in revenues, 53% of the experts already saw reduction in business operation costs and 65% reported an increase in the number of clients they served.  Collaboratively, our experts have been able to serve more SMEs than they did previously with 64.7% of our experts already reporting an increase in the number of SMEs impacted by their work.

This year we celebrate SNDBX@1 as we expand the village and start off the year with an annual SME Conference for SMEs by SMEs, The Big Baraza.

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