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The SNDBX (pronounced sandbox) is a community of experts with only one in each specialized category per SNDBX. Our Experts work collaboratively to support SMEs and entrepreneurs to succeed in business, as a growth engine, where we use a special village formula that has been developed over the last 10 years.


The SNDBX brings together experts in over 30 professional disciples, who reside at the SNDBX village working collaboratively to customize solutions for Africa's entrepreneurs as we believe in African Excellence. 

The SNDBX is calling for expressions of interest to add a complementary, dynamic, and collaborative expert to join our village.


At the SNDBX, we expect our Experts to embody as both companies and individuals certain attributes in their DNA that reflect the SNDBX Culture:


  • Integrity: The SNDBX Village community prides itself on the integrity of its professionals and ways of working. It is expected that an Expert will have unquestionable integrity and ethics in their business dealings.

  • Collaboration:  Interdisciplinary team player/s who seek alignment and establish relationships from  other professionals for their expertise. Will have the drive to champion SNDBX culture - where we build on positive and  collaborative work environments, and include others in identifying problems and developing  solutions;

  • Good Communicator: Should be able to effectively communicate with customers, press/media and SNDBX Experts, making sure the right information flows across these different groups and maintaining openness in all communication. Able to communicate prospects and share opportunities within the SNDBX ecosystem to the benefit of the end customer.

  • Technical Expertise: Critical thinking and extensive expertise in the chosen field, with drive to find innovative and  novel solutions for the end customer.

  • Strategic Thinker: The ultimate problem-solving attributes, able to identify both the issues as well as opportunities.

  • Change Agent: To have the ability and willingness to act as change agents, influencing and advising on the best ways to implement positive change across the board within the SNDBX Village community as well as with the end customers.

  • Great work ethic:   Persistent and ambitious, resourceful and innovative. To willingly take ownership and be held accountable for decisions and actions, whatever the outcome with an open mind to share learnings as well as accept valuable feedback.

  • Open Minded: The willingness to embrace different views and possibilities that present themselves, even when they challenge the norm. Able to engage with these views, in a manner that encourages growth.

  • Comfortable with ambiguity: Knowing the path forward isn’t always well-defined and SNDBX Experts are and need to be  comfortable and confident working through the unknown.

  • Empathy: Every business wants their customers to be heard, understood and validated. At SNDBX we look for those who will cultivate empathy with business owners/leaders and their staff. Those who are then able to anticipate and resolve the end customers pain points. This skill will also be key in working within the SNDBX Village community and the different resident Experts.

  • Relational Intelligence: You’re able to read others quickly and accurately and use that “read” to  connect and build rapport as well as developing this skill within client businesses.



  • Must be a registered company;

  • Proven passion of working and developing products for clients in the SME space;

  • Demonstrated experience working with  executives, C-Level customer contacts, investors and key partners;

  • Principal of the company will have to physically reside and operate from the SNDBX Village offices.

  • Principal with at least 3-5 years experience running their enterprise with a co-founder /  partner /associate director who can stand in for major assignments on behalf of the principal.They should  have at least one   associate level staff member.

  • Committed to building a well rounded, scalable business, with sustainable systems and processes, by working with other experts’ to achieve it.

  • Committed to developing a well-articulated unique value proposition that addresses the needs of the SME market.

  • Committed to and invested in other experts to give and receive candid feedback, collaborating, referring opportunities, building trust and respectfully resolving conflict.

  • Smart, passionate and humble with a commitment to sharing, learning and adopting best practices within SNDBX.

  • Committed and loyal to building relationships with SNDBX experts and the SNDBX team.

  • Committed meeting the SNDBX Expert Agreement  provisions.

  • Committed to SNDBX initiatives on product development, events, social engagements, conferences and overall SNDBX improvement.



Please fill out the form, by clicking the link below.



SNDBX does not require applicants to pay any fee at any stage of the recruitment and selection process.



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