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JASIRI selects, develops and invests in high potential aspiring entrepreneurs. We believe that high-impact entrepreneurial success requires patient, holistic and contextualized support. We aim to identify and remove potential stumbling blocks on the entrepreneurial journey and our programs take participants from ideation to venture creation. 


SNDBX launched in February 2020 and in the same year we all faced, and now continue to deal with, a global pandemic that has truly tested our resilience. Yet in the midst of this tough economic period, SNDBX thrived and celebrated its 1st anniversary in February 2021! 

We stand on the shoulders of several public and private sector players who have worked endlessly to facilitate favourable conditions for businesses to thrive in Kenya. At SNDBX we have joined this community of enablers to do our part to ensure that SMEs, the bedrock of our economy, continue to thrive. 

We learnt many things in 2020 and proved that the SNDBX Village Formula works. We successfully brought over 30 different professions into The Village and offered collaborative support and solutions to our growing pools of SMEs. Because of our formula, last year, 77% of our experts reported an increase in revenues, 53% of the experts already saw reduction in business operation costs and 65% reported an increase in the number of clients they served.  Collaboratively, our experts have been able to serve more SMEs than they did previously with 64.7% of our experts already reporting an increase in the number of SMEs impacted by their work.

This year we celebrate SNDBX as it continues to collaborate and build stronger businesses and hence happy to have this partnership with the Jasiri Program!

Meet the

The collaboration between JASIRI and SNDBX allows for easy access to the different professions to support and grow your business through this entrepreneurship journey. We have identified 9 experts based on the communicated needs that you can engage with (Click on their name and title to watch a short intro video of them and what they do)

At SNDBX, we have over 35 different expertise available who all specialize in Startups and SMEs. Should you need to know about any other expert at the SNDBX. 


You can visit our experts page on or book a FREE consultation / discovery session with them through 

Alex Mwai | Digital Marketing Expert SND

Alex is the digital strategy expert with 9 years experience working with SMEs. He is digital-savvy & methodical in his approach. He has top skills in Online Strategy Formulation, Implementing Digital Solutions, Brand Building online & Social Media Marketing & Advertising.


Angela is the legal expert with over 7 years’ experience working with SMEs. She is a consummate professional with expertise in Commercial law, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring.


Nyagu is the Brand Identity and Brand Strategy expert. He has 18 years local and International experience in the creative and communication industry having worked for leading agencies.

Simba 2021 2 sm_edited.jpg

Charles is the technology adviser and strategy expert with 15 years progressive experience in business transformation and technology consulting in Africa, Middle East, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Njoroge Kibutu | Finance Expert

Njoroge is the financial management expert with 20 years’ experience working with international financial institutions and local SMEs. He uses a data driven approach to find solutions for various organizational issues.


Juliet is a talent management expert with 15 years’ experience in implementation of short-and long-term corporate human capital plans. She is passionate about perfect recruitment and development of people.


Stephanie is the investor readiness expert with 12 years’ working with SMEs in the commercial and financial sector. Her top skills are credit evaluation, financial analysis and modelling, risk assessment and business valuation.


Lucy is the Governance expert, she is a Certified company secretary and Governance auditor with over 30 years experience. She is passionate about defining and achieving corporate governance success through; development of governance structures and execution plans for sound and steady business growth.


Eric is the tax expert offering real, relevant and practical solutions for entrepreneaurs. His focus is on tax compliance, tax planning, tax advisory and immigration services to our clients’ day to day business..

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