Chris is the Strategy expert, with over 22 years experience transforming entrepreneurs and businesses across Africa through strategic planning.

He has a team of over 15 experts with top skills in business coaching, strategy development, facilitation, leadership development, and personal development.

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Charles is the technology adviser and strategy expert with 15 years progressive experience in business transformation and technology consulting in Africa, Middle East, the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Juliet is a talent management expert with 15 years’ experience in implementation of short-and long-term corporate human capital plans. She is passionate about perfect recruitment and development of people.


Angela is the legal expert with over 7 years’ experience working with SMEs. She is a consummate professional with expertise in Commercial law, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring.


Lucy is the Governance expert, she is a Certified company secretary and Governance auditor with over 30 years experience. She is passionate about defining and achieving corporate governance success through; development of governance structures and execution plans for sound and steady business growth.


Nyagu is the Brand Identity and Brand Strategy expert. He has 18 years local and International experience in the creative and communication industry having worked for leading agencies.


Rosslyn is a process and quality expert working with individuals and teams who want to simplify work, increase productivity and amplify profitability. Her approach is simple and engaging.

Njoroge Kibutu | Finance Expert

Njoroge is the financial management expert with 20 years’ experience working with international financial institutions and local SMEs. He uses a data driven approach to find solutions for various organizational issues.

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Mary is a leading public relations advisor with over 15 years experience working with entrepreneurs to monetize their ideas. She has successfuly implemented multi-sector campaigns for over 100 bluechip companies and SMEs in Africa, Europe and the U.S.

Alex Mwai | Digital Marketing Expert SND

Alex is the digital strategy expert with 9 years experience working with SMEs. He is digital-savvy & methodical in his approach. He has top skills in Online Strategy Formulation, Implementing Digital Solutions, Brand Building online & Social Media Marketing & Advertising.

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Gladys is the sustainability Expert with more than 10 years’ experience working with SMEs in Africa. She has extensive expertise and experience in sustainability, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) integration working with enterprise support organization (ESOs), investors, private sector, and non-profit organization to accelerate the transition to impact, low-carbon and sustainable-growth economy


Michael has over 14 years experience as a risk management professional. He works with business owners to identify strategic objectives, risks and assist management to design and implement effective risk management frameworks.

Michael Ngotho

Risk Management Expert

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Reema is a Marketing Expert with over 15 years of experience working with startups and SMEs. She is result-oriented and customer-driven in her approach. She has top skills in marketing, management, branding and advertising with a keen focus on content marketing and customer service. 


Eric is the tax expert offering real, relevant and practical solutions for entrepreneaurs. His focus is on tax compliance, tax planning, tax advisory and immigration services to our clients’ day to day business.

Eric Kinoti

Tax Expert

Jan Okonji 2 Treated_edited.jpg

Jan Okonji is the Startup Expert with over 13 years’ experience working with startups. He is a creative entrepreneur with a talent for helping people find their entrepreneurial passion, purpose and profit by focusing on cultivating a growth mindset.


Stephanie is the investor readiness expert with 12 years’ working with SMEs in the commercial and financial sector. Her top skills are credit evaluation, financial analysis and modelling, risk assessment and business valuation.


Timothy is the Credit Management expert with over 15 years experience managing diverse portfolios. He has top skills in Collections training to help companies optimize the recovery of their assets and accurately manage and forecast their cashflows as well as Portfolio Analysis & Management, Credit Management & Financial Modeling


Sharon is the market research & strategy consultant with over 12 years' experience managing projects across Africa. She is passionate about the power of market research to answer commercial questions, and believes in simple data backed solutions for enterprises at all stages of business


Lucy is the Customer Experience Expert with over 22 years’ experience. She is passionate about building customer-centric SMEs through advisory, training and research services

Robert Abojani 1 Treated_edited.jpg

Robert is the Investment and Wealth Management Expert who has worked in the financial and investment services industry for over 10 years.  He has helped over 5,000 Africans get started in investing. Ochieng is renowned for his ability to break down and demystify money & investments in a way that is relevant for all.

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Nellie is a Holistic Wellness Expert with eight years of experience working with SMEs in Holistic Wellness and Personal Development.  She is goal-oriented and adaptive in her coaching approach. She has top skills in coaching, workshop facilitation, personal development and strategy design. Nellie is a co-founder of the Association of Wellness Professionals in Kenya.


Alice is the Insurance expert with 14 years’ experience working with corporates and SMEs. She is passionate about simplifying insurance solutions for entrepreurs and desires to change the public view of the insurance industry. She has excellent client service skills, ensuring smooth service and ensures openness with regards to follow up and Insurance advice.


Charity is the courier and logistics expert with over 12 years experience working with SMEs. She is passionate, innovative and intentional in her approach to evaluate and implement improvement strategies for courier and logistics processes and companies.

Charity Mwanzia

Logistics Expert

Frida 1 Treated_edited.jpg

Frida is the Life and Work Coach at the SNDBX with over 20 years’ experience working with SMEs. She is fun and practical in her approach. She has top skills in unleashing leadership potential to optimize performance and productivity and aspires to have each client understand who they are and to enjoy their life and work.

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P J Alubbe is the Human Capital and Leadership Development expert with over 20 years’ experience working with corporates and SMEs. He is pragmatic in his approach whose expertise is in strategic thinking, adaptive learning, personal leadership development and change management.

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