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Happening in October's Issue

Happy October!

This month of October started off with Customer Service week and as we all continue taking time to appreciate our great clients, Kioi and Co Advocates the legal experts at SNDBX, offer comprehensive insights on an effective alternative approach to handling difficult relationships and situations that inevitably arise in every business as some point.

The Strategy Expert at SNDBX, Chris Odongo, on the other hand, will get you thinking about what drives you in business. As the year draws slowly to a close, it is important to reflect on whether we know the reason we do what we do and why this matters at all to our businesses?

Don’t forget to do a quick Business Health Check which is available to you for FREE. In just a few minutes, this assessment gives you instant results on the state of your business as well as clarity on the immediate pain points you need to address in your business. We are happy to facilitate a free consultation to discuss your results and point you towards any of the 31 experts available to address your business needs.

Download your FREE copy of the SNDBX Scenarios report by SNDBX CEO Joram Mwinamo which ‘shares insights on the scenarios that SMEs and their support ecosystems can expect in the next few years in light of the challenges that have been brought about by the COVID pandemic, the country’s economic debt situation and heightened political environment as we head into a referendum and election period.’

Last week were proud to host two events at the SNDBX, the Kilimani Business Forum event in partnership with KCB which had almost 50 people taking part in the insightful half-day event, as well as Bring Digital Limited that had over 30 people in an engaging session on the future of Customer service experience.

Let us know if you signed up for any of the 12 engagements involving the different experts whether through events, training, webinars, and workshops that we shared available for you and your teams in the SNDBX October events calendar (please find a downloadable copy on our website).

We are looking forward to your valuable feedback and look forward to your continued engagement and suggestions on what you want to see more of from us.

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