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SNDBX Launch Suppliers Appreciation Post

When we say it takes a village to raise a business, we literally mean it! All businesses need our support, friendship, guidance and support however we can offer it.

Everyone at the event kept saying how lovely it was and how everything came together so well and we know this was only true because of our great suppliers and their teams who put together everything in such a tidy and well organized manner. So we want to give them a hearty village thank you by listing them down here so in case anyone needs their services you know exactly who to get and what to expect.

1. Food and Catering - Gastronome: Visit their Website

2. SNDBX Cake- Keky Tamu: Visit their Instagram

3. Sound & Entertainment - Toolbox Entertainment: Visit their Website

4. Decor - House of Dotty : Visit their Website

5. Gifts - Memoirs Gift : Visit their Website

6. Branding & Art Direction - Nyagu Brand Design: Visit their LinkedIn

7. Digital Marketing, Photography & Videography - Archer Digital: Visit their Website

8. Performing Artist- Olivia Ambani : Visit her Instagram

9. Security: Secuventure Security Services: Visit their Online Presence

10. Transport: Legacy car rentals: Visit their Website

11. Standby Medical Services: Centric Air Ambulance: Visit their Website

11. PR & Event Organization: Brandspark PR: Visit their Website

Asanteni for your good work and we appreciate your great service delivery. If you reach out to them, tell them SNDBX sent you, they'll give you the VILLAGE rate 😁

Here are some photos from the event. See for yourself how everyone was all smiles! Peep some of the great work they did as well.

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