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The November Edition of The Village Business

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Welcome to the November edition of the Village Business!

Next month, round about this time, most businesses will have already closed for the holidays and will be reviewing how to start 2022 with a bang! We have over 35 experts available to support your business and we look forward to hearing from you.

We are also excited to hear what you as an entrepreneur or business owner would like to hear or see more from us! We appreciate the regular feedback that we have been receiving with regards to content that you are enjoying and what else you would like to see more of from us.

We have also appreciated those who have dropped in to the SNDBX Office and secured FREE consultations and discovery sessions to find out how SNDBX experts can work with their business to help it thrive and grow. Every month, we have seen those who have been taking up the challenge and taking SNDBX Business Health Check, getting a clearer understanding of where their business is at before the year ends and the areas that need attention.

We have two amazing articles this month, one from our Legal Experts team, Kioi & Co. Advocates and the other from the SNDBX strategy expert Chris Odongo. One article looks at a story that has been trending in Kenya these last few weeks and gives very factual perspectives from a legal angle. With many entrepreneurs building business with a partner you have a personal relationship with, it is important to know where one stands if the personal relationship crumbles but you still have business ties. The second one is an important article for all entrepreneurs, which tackles the theory that you are working with a business strategy, (a good or bad one) whether or not you are clear or deliberate about it which will lead to success or struggle of your business.

We cannot wait to get your feedback on these two articles.

As usual we have a variety of opportunities for you through programs, this month and we have included a FREE downloadable booklet from Startup Expert Jan Okonji just for you called 30 Habits of Wannabepreneurs

We had guests at SNDBX this week; Moran Capital and Abojani Investments coming together to create a powerful Webinar on Financial and Investment Management for entrepreneurs. It will be on the 3rd of December and will have you starting 2022 looking at your business through a new perspective, the webinar will be in collaboration with Robert Ochieng the Wealth Management and Investment expert at SNDBX in collaboration with Moran capital.

This article was written by Kambo Matindi, Community Manager at the SNDBX, a one-stop-shop collaborative space that brings together 31+ different professional service experts who work together to help entrepreneurs to grow and scale and entrepreneur support institutions to succeed in their programs.

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