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What is the SNDBX?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Pronounced Sand-Box, it is the first comprehensive and sustainable entrepreneurship support concept in the world. It brings together entrepreneurial experts who cover more than 20 different disciplines to power businesses and entrepreneurs to scale.

At the SNDBX, entrepreneurs have an all-access pass to access tools, mentorship, coaching, consulting

and professional services ranging from finance, HR, tax, legal, branding, marketing, PR, sales, service

excellence, digital marketing, debt collection, innovation, governance, risk management etc.

“At the heart of SNDBX is collaboration. We draw our inspiration from our African culture of community approach to development. We believe it takes a village to grow a business.”

Who it's For:

SNDBX targets ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to build unique and high-quality products and services. It also targets institutions that work with entrepreneurs like NGOS, development partners, philanthropic organisations, banks and investors.

#KaribuSNDBX and experience the difference and power of collaboration

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