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What’s Your Tech Horror Story?

Have you ever hired a tech guy to develop an app or website for you, and he left with your money and no app to show for it? Or, at your job, have you asked the IT person to develop a small solution that would increase your efficiency and just been turned away?

If this has happened to you, clap once. You're not alone.

It happened to me once (okay, more than once). And it's happened to a few colleagues of mine as well. Recently, I asked some colleagues what their favorite horror story is when they have an assignment for a custom mobile or web app. Let's just say there weren't many positive experiences.

Take Nick*, for example. At the behest of a friend who seemed to know these things, he contacted software developers in Asia. He commissioned the developers to develop a solution that he thought would be promising for his company - without success.

The reason for the failure? Cultural differences, time zone problems, language barriers - and in the end, Nick gave up on the project in frustration. The result? Trapped emotions, lost time, lost money, no killer app - but a lot of character development! He tried again, but this time in an Eastern European country. But the effort was not worth it.

Yet, there are ways that everyone can build mobile and web apps for themselves. You can do this without relying on a techie to do it for you. Of course, there’s a learning curve – but one which can be overcome by just a few hours of learning online. And the skills you get in this way will stay with you forever.

There is a global movement of DIY in technology. Ladies and gentlemen, the #No-code Movement. This movement is inclusive and has people of all walks of life: Businesspeople, workers of all cadres, solopreneurs – name it. No barriers based on geographical location, creed, or level of education. Do you have an idea whose time you think has come? You don’t need any advanced skills to get started today. To get started, all you need are basic computer skills, access to a computer and internet connectivity. And a spirit of wonder and adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with the program. The tools available range in complexity from basic to complex. There is something in this for everyone.

Use No-code to create or replace ѕіmрlе business саѕеѕ, spreadsheets, or mаnuаl рrосеѕѕеѕ No-code can help you and your company to drive digital transformation, by рrоvіdіng thе power of ѕоftwаrе tо mаnу more people in their organization.

@thisiskp_ who is Program Director of On Deck No-Code Fellowship, advises people starting the No-code journey: “Don’t treat your no-code builder journey like the founder path. Build things for fun and become a well-oiled shipping machine. Build small [and] interesting projects one by one. Learn the art of building and selling.”

As you go ahead, do not lose focus of the purpose you wanted the mobile or web app, in the first place. People. You’re most likely going to share your creation with other people in small or large groups. These people constitute your audience. You have a chance to build with this audience.

In the words of Kahl Arvid, author of The Embedded Entrepreneur: How to Build an Audience-Driven Business, “The Audience - Driven approach is about making every business choice with your audience in mind, including what to offer in the first place. Conducting business becomes a conversation, a consistent back - and - forth between entrepreneur and prospective customers”.

So, go for it. Build with no-code. And carry your fans along with you!

Now you know. What will you build using No-code?

This article was written by Charles Simba, ICT & Solution strategy expert at the SNDBX, a one-stop-shop collaborative space that brings together 31+ different professional service experts who work together to help entrepreneurs to grow and scale and entrepreneur support institutions to succeed in their programs.

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