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Word From The Village Chief

What a year it has been! We launched SNDBX on 27th February 2020. This was exactly one month before the covid pandemic lockdowns began in Kenya. Despite the pandemic, we have continuously seen the benefits of the village formula at work. We have increased the number of expertise areas from 19 to 31 and will soon be seeking to add a few more to complete our offering for our entrepreneur and institutional clients. We have undoubtedly built the most comprehensive one stop shop for SMEs globally.

In The last one year we have released the Thought leadership: Scenarios report(link) forged Partnerships with University of Nairobi Enterprise Services (UNES), Kenya airways and 4 partnerships in the pipeline with some of Kenya’s largest corporate organizations. We have also had interactions towards forging international partnerships with places like Estonia, Portugal, Nebraska in the US amongst others.

Our experts have recruited additional staff that has forced us to expand the physical space to the annex on 7th floor and we are excited to welcome a world class advisory Board. We shall soon be launching startup products for Startups and Institutions that support them.

Above all the community that has gone beyond business relations and supported each other through COVID bereavements and supporting those with ill relatives during this pandemic.

The village formula has proved resilient through COVID and a big value add for clients. We look forward to spreading the village cheer as we open up physical and virtual SNDBX in Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret and across east Africa in Dar, Kigali, Kampala and Bujumbura. If you are in Nairobi and an entrepreneur or an institution supporting entrepreneurs, welcome to the SNDBX and become part of the village!

This article was written by Joram Mwinamo Co-founder and CEO of the SNDBX, a one-stop-shop collaborative space that brings together 31+ different professional service experts who work together to help entrepreneurs to grow and scale and entrepreneur support institutions to succeed in their programs. For feedback or inquiries write to him via this link Email Joram

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