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Word From The Village Chief

December is finally here and the year is almost over!

We have only one more SNDBX newsletter to go this year and as businesses wind down, and have their end year celebrations, many will take stock and review the wins and losses of the year!

It is on this note that with gratitude and humility, we thank you for subscribing to the SNDBX newsletter, emailing your requests, signing up for the different programs, attending events, as well as asking for introductions to businesses, partners and projects. SNDBX, like so many other organisations this year, as we took stock, we were happy to be able to acknowledge that we had some wins throughout the year.

As we share some of our wins, take a few minutes to share with us some of your organisational wins this year as well on , send us some pictures as well and we may share your achievements in the community in January by giving exposure to your organisation.

In February, this year, SNDBX turned 2 years old and in spite of the typical terrible twos, in March, the women business owners, who are experts of SNDBX (14 at the time) put together a successful, well attended 2nd Womens Day physical breakfast event, hosting over 70 women business owners. The feedback received from attendees was positive, content was relevant and engaging. The annual event will be held in March 2023 and iIf you want to book your slot early, please share with us your email address and we will be sure to send you further details so you do not miss out on the next Women’s Day Celebration hosted by the Women Business owners of SNDBX.

In the 2nd quarter, SNDBX hosted the Big Baraza in May, where we exceeded all expectations, it was the only conference for SMES that managed to host over 475 SMES and businesses leaders in the 2 day physical event, over 40 esteemed speakers, master class facilitators and panelists actively over the two days and had valued partners including Safaricom, UBA Bank, META, Fahari Innovation Lab (Kenya Airways), Jubilee Insurance, Checkups Medical, Popote Pay and included Regulators such as KRA, KEBS and CMA in the discussions.

The 3rd quarter had SNDBX launch monthly business networking evenings, the engaging sessions are hosted by SNDBX experts and it has been a series of amazing opportunities to wider networks, create collaborations and partnerships as well as find clients. We look forward to hosting you for the sessions next year!

Finally, this last quarter of the year has seen some amazing collaborations and launches which include the Tukuze Biashara program sponsored by our esteemed partners IMFact and the capacity building done by SNDBX experts. The program sought to take 90 Business owners through a comprehensive 3 months of capacity building training, absolutely FREE courtesy of IMFact!

The year is ending with SNDBX having launched the Kisima Startups in November. Kisima is a business support program that delivers practical customised solutions for entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners and their businesses to enable them achieve their goals and dreams at the different stages of growth. Kisima is developed to start the journey, interacting with different professionals whose specialties lie in finding solutions and giving support to Startups and SMEs and we are excited about the impact this program will have on Kenyan Businesses.

Finally, we are proud to announce that the SNDBX community has grown and as at this December, we are closing the year with 31 non compete areas of expertise that you and your businesses can benefit from at all levels. We look forward to your continued support, keep sending email enquiries or popping in to SNDBX, the community is always welcoming.

Feel free to send us an outline of your 2022 wins and if you have worked with any of the SNDBX experts this year, please send us an email to giving them a shoutout and we shall celebrate them in the community!

Our Last communication for the year will be the week before Christmas weekend but in the meantime we wish you a good month and that you finish the year strong!

This article was written by Joram Mwinamo Co-founder and CEO of the SNDBX, a one-stop-shop collaborative space that brings together 31+ different professional service experts who work together to help entrepreneurs to grow and scale and entrepreneur support institutions to succeed in their programs. For feedback or inquiries write to him via this link Email Joram

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