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SNDBX The Scenarios
What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond: For SMEs and Entrepreneurs in Kenya 

Having engaged various SMEs during the pandemic, running two COVID index surveys through its strategy experts and gathering a community of over 1100 attendees of its weekly webinars delivered by the various experts, SNDBX was able to gather insight of the SME space. Together with guest experts including an economist, health expert, technology expert and a public policy expert, the SNDBX CEO,Joram Mwinamo hosted a discussion on COVID-19 and post pandemic scenario.

In this report the different experts share more insight on the scenarios that SMEs and their support ecosystems can expect in the next few years in Kenya in light of the challenges that have been brought about by the COVID
pandemic, the country’s economic debt situation and heightened political environment as we head into a referendum and election period.

The Report Experts Panel Discussion

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